Project name:

OZ Garage Sales (Discontinued)

Project description:

If you love a bargain, OZ Garage Sales is a must have app for your smartphone.

Quickly and easily list, search and find garage sale around Australia.




Communicate with hosts before attending Garage sales, save yourself the drive if they don’t have what you’re looking for.


Quickly build up a list of sales you want to visit for the weekend

Push Notifications

Automatically receive weekly alerts for suburbs you’re interested.


Search by suburb or postcode to quickly access your garage sales.


Easy to use interface that pins relevant listings straight to a scrollable, scalable map – find listings near you quicker.


Share your garage sale with your Facebook Friends

Photo Library

See what’s available at Garage sales and share what you have to offer.


Hosting a major Garage sale event? Advertise with us and instantly connect with a targeted audience